Cruinneag III – Classic Sailing Tradition

Launched on Tuesday, June 2nd 1936, Cruinneag was the third and largest in a series of yachts built for a wealthy textile and silk importer from Glasgow, Scotland. Designed as an auxiliary sailing ketch, Cruinneag III was spotted 16 years later by Lieutenant Commander George Christie RNR.

Cruinneag lay unscathed having been secretly hidden throughout the war years by her original owner, now presumed dead, Cruinneag emerged as an orphan of WWII and was soon adopted into the Christie family where she would remained for over 50 years, “always loved and never in the mud”.

Cruinneag III’s accommodations and fixtures remain as true as possible to the original designs and construction. Thanks greatly to her four loving owners over all these years. She shines amongst the other classic yachts as one of a handful that have “never been restored” and everyone knows that this is rather special.

Destinations We Explore

Cruinneag III has traveled to both sides of the Atlantic. Learn more about where we have been and where we plan to go below. If you are interested in a chartering adventure of a lifetime, check our calendar to see where we will be next.


“Two Scott’s men went into a bar” ………….. no joke!
The year was probably 1929 and the bar was the Mud Hook, in the town of Fairlie, Scotland. The two “Dickie” brothers were about to sign up to an apprenticeship, which would last some 7 years, with the most celebrated Scottish ship designer and builder of our time William Fife III.

The apprenticeship would see them involved in the construction and crafting of many of the famous “Fife” yachts of this era and eventually lead to a rivalry so great that they would split and open two opposing ship yards and go head to head for a very special price indeed ….. the dragon’s tail

Chartering Cruinneag

Unmatched Excitement

Join us on a racing adventure.  Old does not mean slow in sailing terms and the classic regattas are as competitive as any modern boat regatta.

World Class Luxury

The elegance of sailing on, and alongside, some of the most beautiful sailing yachts in the world, in some of the world's finest locations.

Extraordinary Experiences

There are so few classic boats remaining, this truly is a unique opportunity to enjoy a piece of history which you can live and breathe.